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Keeping a daily diary…

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Most cycle blogs consist of sporadic posts that summarise random periods of time. In what is probably an effort to keep things interesting and epic-sounding, details that may seem boring but are nonetheless fundamental components of a cycle-tour (such as rest days necessarily spent lying in bed eating junk food) are often omitted. While I was exploring different ideas about how to present my own story, one particular cycle blog caught my attention because each post covered a single day and basic information such as meals eaten and places slept were included. Being in the midst of planning my own adventure, I found this basic information enthralling and instantly wanted to continue reading to get an understanding of what touring is really like. This experience inspired me to record my own journey on a daily basis.

While it takes a lot of self-discipline to keep a diary going day after day, what motivated me to pick up my dishevelled notepad each night was the knowledge that I would forever have a window into every single day of my adventure, and moments that I would otherwise forget will be brought rushing back to life. I hope that you also enjoy reading about the day-to-day trials and tribulations of my adventure. You can start at Day 1, or visit my Diary page where you can navigate to my first day in each country through which I rode.

What’s this about making videos? Read more.

4 Responses to “Keeping a daily diary…”

    • Budgie Escapee

      Ahhh there IS one. I left the ‘might’ in there because I knew that someone had to have done it before, I just hadn’t found it yet. Thanks for making me aware of Thomas’s awesome site – it looks to be one of the better records of a round the world journey!

  1. The Year I Touched My Toes

    Three very good reasons but i think you forgot including a point you mentioned as number 4. That your blog will help someone else planning a cycling journey, Make sure that diary is protected against all the elements, theft etc.Louise


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