The sign said, ‘Land-sailing, 8km, visitors welcome’. I couldn’t resist. I turned down the rough dirt track and hoped the detour would be worth it. The destination was marked by an Australian flag erected on the side of Lake Lefroy, along with three blo-carts, four camp chairs and an esky. Not a soul was in sight. I parked my bike and took some photos before several figures emerged from a dilapidated shed in the distance. They were six people in their fifties who had just been enjoying lunch out of the sun, listening out for the motors of any visiting cars, but not keeping an eye out for a lone person on a bicycle. Ten minutes later and I was piloting the world’s fastest blo-cart on a salt lake that spanned the horizon. Unfortunately, the wind had gone home for the day so I didn’t get anywhere near the 108kph at which the cart has previously been clocked. Brian described a scenic route to the highway on some back roads, which was nice except for the patches of sand through which I had to push my bike. I did not pass any service stations where I could find insect repellent and so once again my Buddhist tendencies were put to the test as I readied for bed.

Day 4 (pic)

The deserted Lake Lefroy before I was joined by the blo-cart enthusiasts

Accommodation Free-camp (bush)
Distance ridden today 78.94km
Average cycling speed 14.1kph
Total distance ridden 242km