Leslie Thomas Starcevich won a Victoria Cross in World War II for single-handedly overcoming two machine gun fortresses held by enemy forces in Northern Borneo, using a pistol to kill twelve enemy soldiers. His image is cast in bronze at a memorial in Grass Patch that sits amidst a pretty garden. I stopped to read about it mostly because I am reading Tim Obrien’s The Things They Carried, which contains brilliantly told war stories. I liked the look of Grass Patch. I also liked the look of Gibson Soak. Both were small, quaint and welcoming. There was an old man sitting on the verandah of Gibson Soak Hotel. He looked at me as if to say, Why the hell is someone riding a bicycle packed with so much stuff? I looked at him as if to say, I wonder how many of your own stories you have to tell. I camped just outside of Esperance so I could arrive in town first thing in the morning.

Day 7 (pic)

Grass Patch. What a great name!

Accommodation Free-camp (bush)
Distance ridden today 93.98km
Average cycling speed 20.9kph
Total distance ridden 518km