To me, wind is usually a thing of beauty. I especially love windy nights and imagine them carrying stories from distant lands. I struggled to find beauty in the headwind I faced today. I think I will have headwinds for a while, now that I will be riding along the south coast of Australia. Oh well. The reward today, Quagi Beach, is worth battling the wind. It is also worth the slow grind on a sandy track to get here. I love the south coast. I could build my tiny sustainable cottage down here. I left Charlie’s farm around 10am after helping him shift a few tractor heads and giving him the picture I drew for him. It rained on and off today so I was constantly battling whether to keep the rain jacket on and get a bit sweaty, or go through the frustrating process of putting it on when it’s raining and taking it off when there is a break in the rain. Charlie opened up more last night about his grand plans to change the ‘system’ and increase publicity about the “mistreatment and lack of respect for rural Australia”. He has prepared books on the matter and sent them to the prime minister’s office. I suspect if anyone from government read them, they would have laughed at the crazy old man. I made Charlie optimistic by telling him his material would be perfect for a blog. It would be. He is a good writer and his ideas would both entertain and inspire people to think more about how Australia is being managed. I would like to have stayed and got him started on a blog, but that would have taken time I don’t have to give right now. I told him once I am done with my trip I would return to his farm to work on my book and movie, and at the same time help him with his stuff. I hope he can wait that long.

Day 10 (pic)

Just had a swim and about to cook dinner

Accommodation $ Camping (Quagi Beach)
Distance ridden today 69.24km
Average cycling speed 14.3kph
Total distance ridden 622km