– The adventures of a solo round the world cyclist –

Day 12 (Southwest Australia)

About a week ago I made the mistake of putting tape on my crotch where I had started to blister up. I thought a few swims in the ocean would loosen off the sticky enough for the tape to come away easily; however, because I sit on my crotch, right where I placed the tape, I have ended up grinding the tape so hard into my body I think it might have grafted itself to my skin and become a permanent fixture. Now I face that age-old dilemma. Do I man-up, take a deep breath and just tear it off in one go? Do I peel it off slowly? Or do I just leave it there and hope that I wake up one day to find it gone? I went for the slow peel. Youch! My nether regions are back the way they used to be, albeit a little bit raw. Besides ridding myself of unwanted genital attachments, my other odd achievement for the day was that I started talking to myself. Not just little comments here and there, I’m talking full on conversations. It was bound to happen sooner or later, given all the time I am spending by myself.

Day 12 (pic)

A world of blue, green and orange

Accommodation Free-camp (Mason Bay)
Distance ridden today 59.06km
Average cycling speed 12kph
Total distance ridden 759km

2 Responses to “Day 12 (Southwest Australia)”

    • Budgie Escapee

      Thanks 🙂 Just checked out your site and absolutely love the depth and creativity on show. I will definitely be following along!


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