Phil and I got up at 6.15am to leave Mylies Beach before we were discovered by any authorities that might happen to pass through. The corrugated gravel roads of Fitzgerald River National Park were slow-going but took us through stunning scenery on their way across the scrub and towards some small peaks. The morning atmosphere was dulled by an overcast sky, but sunshine broke through in the afternoon. It became warm enough for us to be interested in a swim when we came across a waterpool. Too bad the water was freezing cold. It was also salty, which I thought was strange, being fairly elevated above sea level. We’re currently camped among some scrub by the side of the road. I finished the book, The Things They Carried, last night so I will need to find a new book somewhere for my bedtime reading.

Day 14 (pic)

What you can’t see are the frustrating corrugations

Accommodation Free-camp (patch of scrub between road and paddock)
Distance ridden today 60.37km
Average cycling speed 11.4kph
Total distance ridden 874km