I am in my tent in Jerramungup Caravan Park, feeling sorry for myself. I have a headache, sore throat, mouth ulcers, blocked-up nose and sore legs. I think riding in the rain, and going between hot and cold/wet, has caught up with me. At least I am clean. I had my first shower since Esperance (six days ago) and my first hot shower since Kalgoorlie (12 days ago). Today was hard: hilly with a head-wind so strong I had to pedal on downhills just to keep moving forward. I have officially worn myself out and am in serious need of a break. Perhaps it is a good thing that Jerramungup is a tiny, two-street country town, otherwise I might be distracted from getting a proper rest. Tomorrow I plan on sleeping in. Phil left me today to ride on towards Albany, so I am alone once again.

Day 15 (pic)

Country cruisin’

Accommodation $ Camping (Jerramungup Caravan Park)
Distance ridden today 64.3km
Average cycling speed 15.2kph
Total distance ridden 939km