With rain overnight and a dreary day to follow, today was a good day not to be riding, and a good day to wash clothes, enjoy another hot shower and stock up on food. This last task depends on an open supermarket though. It turns out that the bustling metropolis of Jerramungup likes to close up at midday on Saturday and hibernate until Monday. This wouldn’t concern me if I hadn’t run out of food. My pantry contains a half-finished packet of biscuits and jar of Nutella, not enough to get me to Albany and not enough to get me to the nearest town that has a supermarket open on a weekend. Fortunately, there is a service station in town that sells some food. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find food there that has not been murdered in a deep fryer. So, I am stuck in Jerramungup eating crap and overly-expensive food until the supermarket opens in two days’ time. While frustrating, this brings some relief as my body will appreciate another day of inactivity. Too bad it’s bloody freezing cold here and difficult to stay cosy and warm. I have two pairs of pants on and I’m still shivering. My tent pole snapped last night. I have ‘fixed’ it with a heap of tape, but I am worried my tent will come crashing down if it rains overnight. I have emailed the manufacturer to source a replacement pole system.

Day 16 (pic)


Accommodation $ Camping (Jerramungup Caravan Park)
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 939km