To make the most of my forced rest day and alleviate my frustration at being cold, sick and hungry, I jumped on the internet for some retail therapy and came away with fresh orders for spd sandals, a thermal sleeping bag liner and a new spork (my former one broke when I stepped on it). I had a salad wrap and fruit salad for lunch (turns out the servo does have some fresh stuff) and watched another round of grey nomads turn up in their campervans. The new arrivals included Dino and Suzie, a couple who had cycled to Australia from the UK. I squeezed them for information and advice about cycling touring. As the day wore on, Donna, the park caretaker, took pity on me and gave me some ingredients to cook myself a proper dinner. Consequently, I enjoyed steak, mashed potato, peas, corn, pumpkin and a Kirks lemon squash. It was probably the best home-cooked meal so far on the trip. I’m still feeling quite sick, but beautiful weather kept me cheery. I hope tomorrow brings similar sunshine.

Day 17 (pic)

Helping itself to my biscuits without so much as an invitation. How rude?!

Accommodation $ Camping (Jerramungup Caravan Park)
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 939km