The day started horribly when my unpegged tent (I was in the process of packing it up) got picked up by the wind and thrown into Dino and Suzie’s tent. The sharp end of my broken tent pole tore a small gash in their tent. Shit shit shit! They had ridden all the way here from the UK without tent issues and it took a careless me to put a hole in it. They were so nice about it, but it left me with a sick feeling in the stomach that I have not shaken off. With food shopping completed (finally) I hit the road with a hope to forge far ahead. My body only lasted a few hours before I had to give in and find a place to stop for the night. This was Louis’s Lookout near Borden, a picnic area with a view across the Stirling Ranges. My dinner was pasta with vegetables and salami. I am doing away with pre-made dried pasta packets. I think the lack of nutritional value in these contributed to my current suffering, so I have decided to east as fresh as possible. Now, lying in my tent, I have to face up to my body’s troubles. Despite two days off the bike in Jerramungup, I am still seriously sick. The latest affliction is a painful, chesty cough. My situation is not really surprising. In most things I do, I tend to push myself to the edge with a ‘she’ll be ‘right’ attitude, ignoring the negative toll I inevitably set myself up for. While everything is always alright in the end, this type of approach to tends to make getting there a lot harder than it has to be. Just like what is happening now. I have thrown my body into the deep end and it is starting to suffer. It is time to take a step back and make my health a priority.

Day 18 (pic)

Today I became a scavenger (tomatoes growing on the roadside)

Accommodation Free-camp (Louis’s Lookout)
Distance ridden today 66km
Average cycling speed 19.2kph
Total distance ridden 1,005km (woohoo!)