– The adventures of a solo round the world cyclist –

Day 19 (Southwest Australia)

I got a shock today when I was eating lunch in the shaded corner of the carpark to the unpatronised cafe at the bottom of Bluff Knoll and a guy came out of the cafe to talk. “Wow”, he said. ”You look like you have ridden a long way. Why don’t you come in and enjoy your lunch at the table and chairs under our verandah. It is much cooler than here and you will have a beautiful view over the mountain. By the way, do you need anything? You can top up your water here if you like?” Apologies…I just made that up. What he actually said was, “Oi. I don’t want you eating your own food on my property. You need to leave immediately”. I paused for moment before embarking on an award-worthy rant about the challenges faced by cycle tourers and how he could have lent his support rather than sent me packing. Apologies again…I just made that bit up too. I didn’t think fast enough. What I actually said was, “Yeah no worries”. I then wheeled my bike the twenty metres it took to place me off his premises and resumed eating. I also changed my mind about buying a coke from the café. Take that mean café man! I guess I don’t really blame him – my salad and salami wraps looked so good they would have encouraged any would-be customers to prepare their own food rather than pay the exorbitant prices offered by the cafe.

Day 19 (pic)

The shady tree and empty carpark I was kicked out of

Accommodation Free-camp (Mt Hassell)
Distance ridden today 55.61km
Average cycling speed 16kph
Total distance ridden 1,060km

2 Responses to “Day 19 (Southwest Australia)”

  1. tigerprowling

    Ha ha. This is the same café that sold my husband and I a bottle of red wine illegally. Any wine sold there had to be consumed with a meal. We took it away with us, for a hefty price of course.

    • Budgie Escapee

      Haha well desperate times call for desperate measures! Nice to see someone else writing about two-wheeled adventures. My dad rides and one of his two bikes is a Triumph – I’ll be sure to tell him put about your blog ☺


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