Well that was perhaps the least enjoyable day of riding I have had. It started raining just before I got up and kept on going as I battled hill after hill. I also battled my worst head-wind yet. To make matters worse, I had a slightly ambitious destination in mind, where warmth and comfort awaited: Albany. Around midday I thought about whether I should just aim for somewhere close to Albany and ride into town tomorrow morning, but I ended up deciding to push hard and make it there by the end of the day. I was at a service station when I made this decision, so I packed my stomach with a coke, bag of lollies and a spring roll. It wasn’t long after setting off that these things (or maybe just the dodgy spring roll) hit the eject button and fertilised a patch of bush I had just managed to run into in time. But no pain, no gain, as they say. It was just getting dark when I saw ‘Welcome to Albany’ ahead of me. I have never been so happy to see a sign as I was then. I checked into a four-bed dorm at a hostel in town and met Ben, a Quebecois guy. After a shower and clean-up, Ben and I went out for dinner at a local pub and I treated myself to a chicken parmie and a few pints. We were joined by Paul and Claire (a French couple) who Ben had met that morning at a surfing lesson in Denmark. We drank and chatted the night away while dream-filled musicians practised their talents during an open-mic night.

Dat 21 (pic)

Sign of things to come

Accommodation $ Backpacker hostel (1849 Backpackers)
Distance ridden today 88.3km
Average cycling speed 14.8kph
Total distance ridden 1,197km