The Trail took me out of Denmark and along the stunning coastline around Greens Pool and Elephant Rocks. I have been there before but it was as breathtaking as ever. Through pastures and forest I rode and day-dreamed until I worked out I had missed the campsite turnoff. It was a struggle to get back on the sandy, hilly track, especially considering how exhausted I was. I got there in the end and my frustration instantly evaporated as I parked my bike and assessed the campsite called Jinung Beigabup, set amongst tall forest and a beautiful native garden. It was very impressive and I had it all to myself. I have just enjoyed a sweet and sour rice and vegetable meal and am looking forward to getting cosy in my sleeping bag.

Day 25 (pic)

The stunning Denmark coast

Accommodation Free-camp (Jinung Beigabup hut)
Distance ridden today 50.69km
Average cycling speed 13kph
Total distance ridden 1,327km