Last night I arrived at camp in the dark to find it occupied by fourteen riders. Some asleep. Some watching a movie. Multiple farting. Disgusting. At least they woke me up bright and early so I was away earlier than ever before and was consequently able to relax a bit on the ride. I am still extremely weary and in need of a rest day. This might be tomorrow. I am just about to check my maps and make a plan for the next few days. It was very hilly today with a massive climb to the tree-top walk area. I had to push the bike on some sections. I had a close encounter with a Dugite snake on the side of the track. It pulled back ready to strike but luckily I was past it enough by the time it might have struck. I got to Coalmine Caravan Park around 3.30pm. It is ok but not worth the money for a single camper. I am considering moving into town and onto the next caravan park if I decide to have a rest day. I had a nice chat with a Kiwi couple in the camp kitchen – they have done a remote 4WD trip in Australia every year for the last eight years. Then I had a wine with a French couple living in East Perth who are having a few days away to see the southwest.

Day 27 (pic)

Hitting sand as darkness sinks in (yesterday)

Accommodation $ Camping (Coalmine Caravan Park)
Distance ridden today 52.34km
Average cycling speed 10.5kph
Total distance ridden 1,434km