The alarm trial failed. It was dark at 6am so I decided I would doze until it was light. I didn’t wake again at 7.45am. Automatic fail. Even so, I managed to leave earlier than most days so I still enjoyed a relaxed ride. Fernbrook Falls was not flowing, but Rowell’s Pool provided a nice spot to enjoy lunch. Much of the second half of the ride was through severely burnt bush and parts had not been cleared of debris, so I had a few obstacles to dodge, from small branches to massive trees across the track. At one point I came across a feral cat, small and black, confidently strolling down the track in front of me, oblivious to my presence until it heard me and scrammed. Access to the next campsite was closed due to fire damage, but I decided to enter the closed area anyway and inspect the campsite for myself. I found it to be intact enough to provide a comfortable night’s sleep. The down pipes to the water tanks were melted, along with all other plastic parts of the campsite (corrugated plastic forms part of the hut walls). The toilet seat and the underground ‘poo pot’ was gone. I surpassed 1,500km today!

Day 30 (pic)

Reflections at Rowell’s Pool

Accommodation Free-camp (Yirra Kartta hut)
Distance ridden today 48.15km
Average cycling speed 9.7kph
Total distance ridden 1,519km