Pemberton is a very beautiful town and I could see myself settling there. It has a great regional location and I really do prefer forests over beach. It’s not too far from the coast anyway. The local community seems fairly active and the neighbourhood is very pretty. Love it. I made a note to come back again in the future to spend some proper time exploring. I had a nice enough sleep, although the full moon kept me awake until it moved above the roofline and out of sight. It was like having a spotlight directed on me. When I was half packed up a guy walked through the compound with his dog. He told me it was an old pine sawmill. When I had arrived yesterday I had pulled the entry gate closed to have some sense of security – I saw that the ground had not been disturbed so I knew no one had recently opened the gate. When I left this morning I discovered the gate was just a ‘floating’ one. A fence was attached on one side only, leaving the other side completely open. And around this open side was a well-trodden path. So my sense of security was misinformed. It’s funny what you don’t notice when you’re completely exhausted. During the first half of day I was hounded by intermittent deluges but the rain eased off as the afternoon arrived. I made a big push for Manjimup and reached the end of my tether at a few points. I’m so exhausted. I reached Peter and Kathy’s house about one minute before Peter got home. Peter is my mum’s cousin. I settled in with a beer, hot shower, million-dollar minute, dinner, dessert, cake, TV (Nepal crisis) and bad jokes from Peter.

Day 33 (pic)

Trail joys

Accommodation Family’s house
Distance ridden today 79.78km
Average cycling speed 12.3kph
Total distance ridden 1,695km