(1) Two bowls of crunchy-nut cornflakes, bacon and eggs, and toast. (2) Sightseeing tour by car, hosted by Peter and also attended by Bjarte and Haakon (a Norwegian father and son who are also staying with Peter and Kathy, having come over for Ben’s wedding).  (3) Pemberton explore: farms, Holy Smoke, wood gallery, Gloucester Tree. (4) Donnelly River: kangaroos and emus. (5) Return home for lunch. (6) Visit to the footy practice of some kids who are somewhere on my cousin-spectrum. (7) Massive dinner with Louise and family and Liz and family. Such awesome people. It was very nice getting to know the extended family better. They are all so friendly and funny and welcoming, with polite, well-behaved, sociable kids. Peter and his brother Eric had a dairy farm back in the day. Now there is only one dairy left in Manjimup since the government deregulated the price of milk. This allowed Coles and Woolworths to maintain such low prices it wasn’t feasible for dairies to compete. Many farms in the area are now turning to crops like avocados.

Day 34 (pic)

Hills and trees

Accommodation Family’s house
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 1,695km