I had a cruisy day today, perfect for my last rest day before returning to the Trail. Bjarte and Haakon left on a bus to Perth. I went food shopping for my ride and enjoyed a nice lunch with Peter, followed by a portagaff (a first for me) when we were joined by Bill (a retired mill worker who makes honey for a hobby). Dinner consisted of leftovers from the night before. On TV I watched a show expressing the idea that the divide between the super-rich and ‘the rest’ in the United States of America will soon lead to violent conflict. It suggested the super-rich are supported by a system that ensures ‘the rest’ are engaged in work that helps the super-rich get even richer, but which provides only enough personal income for ‘the rest’ to maintain, but not elevate, their own financial status.

Day 35 (pic)

Manimup: place of the edible reed

Accommodation Family’s house
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 1,695km