I cast myself into the cold and damp, leaving behind under-floor heating and flushing toilets. Down here the farmers say they put away their tractors for the winter on May 15 as from then on it is too wet to work. Well, it is fast approaching this date and each new day is cooler and wetter than the previous one. The forest glistens with water drops that the sun is too weak to burn away. The frogs are calling incessantly as the pools and creeks are starting to fill and flow. More telling, I am slowly getting more and more sodden. My temper is shortening. Twice today I had to take everything off my bike to lift it all over logs and both times I got a little angry. Fun fact (well, not so fun if you’re me): at exactly 15.3°C on a misty May morning, my left testicle hangs at just the right (well, wrong if you’re me) height to be crushed on every upstroke. Ouch! I’m starting to think I’m over this Trail. I just want to get north of Perth where I will really feel underway in this grand adventure.

Day 36 (pic)

Damp camp on a cold misty morning

Accommodation Free-camp (bush)
Distance ridden today 53.74km
Average cycling speed 11.6kph
Total distance ridden 1,749km