From the start of the day through to about 11am I felt like I was riding through a cloud. Unfortunately, it was more dreary than mystical. It reminded me of walking to school through the mist on a winter’s day, the bush lit with spider webs glistening with moisture. I got drenched on the outside through contact with vegetation and slowly became damp on the inside too. The sun finally emerged while I was Nannup and I felt proper heat from it for the first time in what feels like weeks. The ride from Nannup to Jarrahwood was fast, owing to the fact the track follows an old railway line which was built with as little relief as possible. The hut in Jarrahwood is located within the settlement itself. Right now I am overlooking green grass being grazed by three kangaroos and various bird species. Ravens and black cockatoos are calling. My tent is laid out to dry.

Day 37 (pic)

Nala Mia in Jarrahwood

Accommodation Free-camp (Nala Mia hut)
Distance ridden today 60.75km
Average cycling speed 14.5kph
Total distance ridden 1,809km