If you want to invite unexpected delays into your day, simply make a specific plan about where you want to reach by the end of it. I did that today and wound up spending an hour diagnosing and fixing an issue with my brakes. I actually didn’t really mind as I am enjoying getting to know my bike inside out and such issues give me a chance to do just that. Better to happen here than in the middle of Mongolia. Today was pretty slow going as I navigated a rocky, winding single-track for much of the day. I took a few tumbles when my low-slung front panniers clipped a rock or tree. I ducked into Donnybrook town site to pick up a few supplies, including a new Mount Franklin water bottle to replace the one I had carried since leaving home, which had just started leaking through a pin-prick hole. When I get home I want to find a durable 1.5L bottle. I am camping in the bush and thanks to good weather (the second half of the day was warm and sunny) I am sleeping out in the open without my tent. I am currently lying on my back with my head at the base of large tree, looking along the length of the trunk and beyond its crown to the night sky above. Venus is bright yellow to my right. The bush is coming alive with the sounds of the night, mostly kangaroos jumping about.

Day 38 (pic)

This is how life should be

Accommodation Free-camp (bush)
Distance ridden today 53.68km
Average cycling speed 13.1kph
Total distance ridden 1,863km