How nice it is to sleep in the open under the stars. If only the weather afforded such pleasure every night, but then I guess we would have no rain and hence no forest and hence no magnificent trees to lie under and gaze at the heavens from. The local macropods were as busy this morning as they were in the night, welcoming me into a clear, warm day. I was up before the alarm (yep, I really was) and with a relatively ordinary ride on bitumen and gravel roads, I reached my planned rest spot in the early afternoon. I decided to rest up rather than push on and had a relaxed afternoon. I hunted for birds to film. I made some interesting noises with my harmonica  (it is the second time it has graced my lips now), which I got as a birthday present this year at my request, so that I had a lightweight music making machine to while away quiet hours. I also cooked someone else’s camp food: a Backcountry chicken teriyaki meal that had been left in the hut’s registration box.

Day 39 (pic)

Slipping and sliding on loose gravel hill

Accommodation Free-camp (Nglang Boodja hut)
Distance ridden today 43.66km
Average cycling speed 12.5kph
Total distance ridden 1,907km