After pigging out on another big breakfast, I took my time packing up, hitting the road around 10.30am. I backtracked to where the Trail turns towards Dwellingup and had a cruisy ride in which nothing outstanding happened. My back is sore and my ‘tennis elbow’ is flaring up again (there has been a lot of heavy gripping of the handlebars lately as I tackle the single-track sections) so I am doing nightly exercises again to stave off the pain. I fiddled around trying to capture some ‘2000km achievement’ video footage for one of my films, but I couldn’t find a good way to attach the camera to my bike to record the bike computer tick over the milestone. I ended up filming handheld, but am yet to see how shaky the footage is. I met two Kiwis, Daryl and Jo, when I arrived at the Yarri campsite. They work for the conservation department of New Zealand and flew to Western Australia just to ride the Trail. They are playing cards as I Iie in my sleeping bag writing this diary. They invited me to join them but I’m snug and warm and not hugely keen to play cards, so I declined their friendly offer.

Day 42 (pic)

Gotta stay healthy

Accommodation Free-camp (Yarri hut)
Distance ridden today 48.32km
Average cycling speed 13.1kph
Total distance ridden 2,006km (woohoo!)