I started badly today. An adjustable spacer in my headset snapped as I tightened it. I think too many tumbles that wrenched the handlebars had weakened it. Fortunately I can still ride with it broken. Next, I stupidly rode the wrong way out of the campsite, thinking I had to backtrack a little to get to the main track. Most of the campsites are designed like this, but not this one. The section I backtracked along included some steep bits where I had to push my bike, as well as a log across the track that I had to haul my bike over. So, I wasted a bit of time getting going. It wasn’t a day I wanted to waste time on, as I had to cover 80km to reach the next campsite, making it one of my biggest days on the Trail. Fortunately, there were no other mishaps. I had been warned about soft pea gravel in this section of the track, but found it to be fine. Big storms are forecast for the next two days and the clouds were rolling in through the afternoon so I’m bracing myself for some wet riding conditions come morning.

Day 43 (pic)

View out my bedroom ‘window’

Accommodation Free-camp (Bidjar Ngoulin hut)
Distance ridden today 81.86km
Average cycling speed 13.2kph
Total distance ridden 2,087km