I’m almost home! It hit me today that as soon as I get home I am probably going to miss the bike, miss the daily grind, and just want to get straight back on the road again. Today I had a short ride to Wungong, where I caught up with Dan again. Dan is a high school teacher and together with another teacher called Jake was leading 14 students on an overnight outdoor education camp on the Trail. We all stayed at the Wungong hut together. I enjoyed a bit of steak and a cannoli dessert supplied by a couple of the boys and was entertained by the general antics. They were good kids from Mazenod. Old ideas of wanting to become a teacher one day were rekindled. I think I would be good at it and enjoy it. I like the idea of being a positive role model and nurturing the positive development of young minds. I got to the campsite around 12.30pm after an easy ride and the school group rocked up around 3pm. They set about setting up tents then preparing dinner and most were done by 5pm. They fooled around in the bush a bit before things got suspiciously quiet around 8pm. Turned out they were all asleep! Dan, Jake and I are in the hut while the kids are scattered in the bush in tents.

Day 46 (pic)

I can’t imagine navigating in thick bush without a gps!

Accommodation Free-camp (Wungong hut)
Distance ridden today 29.04km
Average cycling speed 12.2kph
Total distance ridden 2,225km