Last night was perhaps the coldest yet. I rode with the Mazenod group to Brookton Highway, where they jumped on a bus to head home. It was fun being around a group of people and I missed them when they were gone, especially when I got to the campsite mid-afternoon and did not have the distraction of 14 schoolkids. I slow-simmered as much of my last vegetables as would fit into my cooking pot with a little rice, making a kind of chunky vegetable soup. It’s another cold night. I am not sure how I feel about reaching my first milestone and coming to the end of my ‘practice’ ride. I am in a comfortable routine now and I am happy, enjoying life. The sense of achievement has been growing over the last two days as I approach the end. Tomorrow it is set to burst. I told mum to make a ginormous lasagne for my homecoming.

Day 47 (pic)

The Mazenod boys fixing a blown tyre

Accommodation Free-camp (Carinyah hut)
Distance ridden today 37.59km
Average cycling speed 12kph
Total distance ridden 2,263km