I am struggling to stay awake. It’s 9.37pm and I have just gorged myself on lasagne. It was made by my mum. I’m home! My bike computer tells me I have completed 2,345km. For the first half of today’s ride I felt as if the tiredness of the whole trip had caught up with me. I think part of that was that I didn’t really want to finish the ride, didn’t want to make it home, because then I wouldn’t be waking up somewhere ‘out there’ and getting on the bike again. Whatever the case, I only managed a slow pace as I finished the Munda Biddi. Such a great feeling of achievement. All I had left to do was ride down ‘the hill’ back into the city. I went down the Heritage Trail. I had never ridden further west down it than Darlington but I took it through to Bellevue, then parallel to Great Eastern Highway to Guildford (Midland development around the old workshops is looking nice) then rode along a cycle path by the railway to the city. Mum and dad were home to welcome me. My brother and sister came for dinner and I had requested a ginormous lasagne. I ate half of it.

Day 48 (pic)

Perth again

Accommodation Home!
Distance ridden today 82.62km
Average cycling speed 14.1kph
Total distance ridden 2,345km