I am a to-do list writer. I love crossing things off, the sense of productiveness. My day’s list typically starts with (1) Wake up and (2) Have breakfast, just so I can cross a few things off straight way and have that little boost from getting things done early. My current to-do list is very long. It contains things I didn’t have time to do before I set off on my southwest adventure and it contains a whole bunch of new things that came to me on the long nights in my sleeping bag. I began attacking the list with a trip to the city to run around various shops. I emailed Santos about the broken spacer in the headset and a got a positive reply within hours: they will send a replacement piece, no questions asked. I also got so excited with my new spd sandals and pedals that I fitted the cleats and attached the pedal to the sandal, before the pedal was attached to my bike. Now I can’t pull the sandal off the pedal. Such an amateur. Maybe once I fit the pedal to the bike I might be able to slip my foot in the sandal and twist it off.

Day 50 (pic)

A bit stuck

Accommodation Home
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 2,345km