Today I visited a doctor to talk about my backside. I came away full bottle on haemorrhoids. Let’s get one thing straight: haemorrhoids is a part of the body we all have, not a condition. It is the vascular lining of the rectal passage. The condition most people associate with the term is when this lining becomes inflamed, ruptured or enlarged, sometimes to such an extent it ventures downwards and pokes its head into the outside world. Now, let’s get a second thing straight: I don’t have anything poking out of my bum. Promise. But it does turn out I have inflamed haemorrhoids. It seems riding 2,345 km in seven weeks does that to an untrained bottom. So yes, I found myself at the doctors today to talk about my backside. Fortunately, a detailed description of my toileting woes negated the need for a physical examination and I walked away unviolated, carrying a gift bag containing haemorrhoid cream to reduce swelling, antibiotic cream to treat any infection and constipation relief powder to soften my twos’. Such is the reality of cycle touring (at least for me, anyway).

Day 53 (pic)

Yep, I’m going to give an honest portrayal

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Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 2,345km