My right foot hung in the air over the edge of my bed, poised to take my first step of the day, when my mobile rang. My brother was having trouble changing a tyre on his car that had flattened overnight (not surprising given the fact he has a severely broken leg). I picked him up and drove him to work before returning home for breakfast and another day ticking things off my list. Today’s completed tasks: cleats properly fitted to spd sandals, bike cleaned, clothes packed, bag sewn for camping stool, worn spots on bike racks treated and painted. I cooked sweet and sour pork for dinner and crashed out on the couch like almost every other night. Dad brought my DIY Trangia pot lid back from his work after doing some metalwork to grind the sides down. It now fits nicely inside the pots and packs away perfectly.

Day 54 (pic)

Getting my clothes organised

Accommodation Home
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 2,345km