My laptop screen has slowly become harder and harder to open smoothly. Today it broke completely, peeling away from the base and rendering the machine useless. I took it into a general repair centre and they will be getting back to me about whether or not they can repair it. Without my computer, my attention turned towards my bike. I started making a tripod holder (which will double as a place to store my tent pole system and bike pump) and a bike stand (which will double as a ‘dog whacker’). The tripod holder will mean I can access my tripod without unstrapping any gear from the bike. Instead, I will simply be able to unscrew the end of a length of PVC pipe that is attached to the bike and slide out my tripod. I am making the bike stand out of an old adjustable tent pole. When in use the stand will extend from the top tube to the ground. I am making the cradle at the top end out of a PVC plumbing joint. I am sick of looking at my to-do list. Tonight I hung out at my old share-house again, where I cooked dinner for everyone.

Day 61 (pic)

Oh dear…this will be expensive

Accommodation Home
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 2,345km