I am not usually one to dwell on death. I don’t even understand much about it. I have never even been to a funeral, unless you count the ceremony I held for my beloved budgie. As far as my own death goes, I usually only dwell on it so far as to be encouraged to ensure that what I am doing each day makes me happy. Today I had to think a little more about it than usual. Cycling around the world is risky business and there is a small chance I might not come home safely. Others before me have been killed doing the same thing in freak traffic accidents. So, today I finalised my last will and testament. I placed it within a portfolio that contains other personal details that my family will need in the event that am not around anymore. Should something happen to me, the right checks are in place. Besides that depressing stuff, today I finished my tripod case and bike stand. Because my preparations are taking longer than expected I researched a bit more about the Gibb River Road, which I will need to complete before the wet season arrives. I decided I can relax a little bit. I can still make it in time.

Day 62 (pic)

My DIY tripod holder

Accommodation Home
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 2,345km