It is 4.40am and I just got into bed. I had been hanging out with the girl I like in Leederville. Her name is Paula. We had been chatting in my car for hours with the radio on. We discovered the battery was flat when I tried starting the car to get home. We had to get taxis. I will have to deal with the car tomorrow. I serviced my bike brakes today (well, yesterday) because I had started to suspect there was air in the hoses when they started becoming spongy. I have come to the conclusion the fluid is fine and I just need to adjust the brakes in response to normal pad wear. I also got stuck into visa research so I can formalise a route through Asia and begin to work through the logistic issues associated with crossing borders overland. I also picked up a food dehydrator from a friend.

Day 65 (pic)

Magura hydraulic rim brakes

Accommodation Home
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 2,345km