I received some surprising good news when I picked up my freshly repaired laptop, complete with a brand new lid. Would you believe Samsung did this for free, even though the laptop was two years old? Very happy! I have been using my sister’s car since I have sold my own, but because my parents’ car is going to become available as soon as they leave for their overseas holiday, I returned my sister’s car to her house in Rivervale. Then I went to Mt Lawley to hang out with Paula. We enjoyed an early dinner at Veggie Mama after which I dropped her off to work. I ended the day seeing my brother about another issue I thought I was having with my laptop. The C:drive was completely full so I thought there might be some sort of problem with a program taking up too much space. I am not very computer literate but my brother is a software engineer so he is always the go-to person. It turns out my laptop is fine, I have just filled it up with too much stuff. Ooops. In my spare moments I continued to change vegetables in the dehydrator.

Day 71(pic)

Fellow cyclists outside Veggie Mama

Accommodation Home
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 2,345km