Another day racing around the city trying to get things done. A part for my bike (a new Santos spacer for the headset) finally arrived from the Netherlands. While picking it up at the post office I purchased a few boxes to pack all my dehydrated food into, ready for its airborne journey to northern Australia. In the city I also printed a stock of passport sized photos to carry as spares for visa applications, found some perfect bottles in which to store my Rohloff hub oil and cleaning fluid, and bought some salami sticks and pasta sauce to add to my food collection. Paula and I enjoyed some gross-looking (because oyster sauce turned the topping a dirty grey colour), but awesome-tasting (because of all the fresh ingredients we used) baked potatoes for dinner, followed by strawberry syllabub I had made for dessert. Yum!

Day 75 (pic)

Almost ready to post to Northern Australia

Accommodation Home
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 2,345km