I grew up in the bush. Whenever my siblings and I played around the house when we were little, our playground was always the bush. My brother and I even had a designated ‘toilet tree’. As we got older, my dad used to take us kids out almost every weekend for long bushwalks through the hills stretching between Glen Forrest and Paulls Valley. Soon enough I started exploring the bush on my own, sometimes with my bike, sometimes just walking. It became a sanctuary where I could escape the rest of the world. If I was stressed or worried about something, I would run away into the bush and just be by myself for a few hours. I had a few little secret spots where I liked to visit. The bush would give me perspective by reminding me that life is much bigger than any problem I was having. Any issue would appear relatively small and I would then feel ready to face it. Whenever I was in the bush, I felt like I could truly be myself. This close relationship that I shared with the bush never changed. In fact it only deepened as I studied zoology and developed a greater understanding about the way the natural world functions. To this day, if I don’t escape into the bush every once in a while, my mind becomes frazzled and I become unsettled. Today, I escaped to the bush to visit my secret spots one last time before I leave home on my bike.

Day 80 (pic)

My beloved Moon Rock

Accommodation Home
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 2,345km