I got up early in an effort to get to the South Perth foreshore and film the cityscape as the rising sun shines across it. I was too late to get the shot I planned, but I made up for that by shooting some footage that I should still be able to include in a video. While riding out to film in the morning, I noticed that my handlebars were wobbling ever so slightly in the steerer tube. On my return home I jumped onto google to diagnose the problem and ended up learning all about how to adjust headsets. I realised that when I fitted a Santos spacer the other day, I must have loosened the headset race. I went shopping to purchase a headset wrench and an adjustable wrench (the one I had could not open wide enough) and then watched several YouTube videos about what to do. Luckily, the process is very simple and in the end it only took two minutes to get my headset back to normal. I spent the rest of day developing a plan for my visa applications (so complicated). Getting the visa for some countries (China and Pakistan in particular) is going to involve a bit of creative writing, but fingers crossed I can pull it off.

Day 82 (pic)

Capturing the last bits of Perth footage

Accommodation Home
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 2,345km