I was up at 5.15am today to do a better job of capturing the sunrise and I succeeded. It was actually really nice to be up that early and witness the city wake up. As I sat by the camera I was entertained by the snippets of gossip I heard from passers-by on their morning walks. At one point, three attractive young girls ran past and I heard one of them say, “…so I pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of threatening to kill and managed to avoid any jail time…” No joke. It made me wonder what other intriguing surprises might be hidden within the minds of all the other morning joggers. After the early start I returned home to cross a few other items off my list. As the end of the work day approached, I set off again with my bike and camera to get some shots of the afternoon peak hour traffic. As I watched anxious drivers get worked up over the jams, I felt very happy that I will soon be far, far away from this busy city life.

Day 83 (pic)

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