It rained last night. I took cover under a park bench. Right now I am lying under another park bench, this time on the edge of the Indian Ocean Drive just past Lancelin. The rain continued during the day so I got wet and am now crammed into the tiny amount of dry ground afforded by a small roof over the park bench. My body is sore. It looks like I didn’t do myself any favours by not riding over the last six weeks. No surprises there. I think the clip-in pedals are starting to affect my knees so I started alternating between being clipped in and riding flat. I think I will reposition the cleats slightly so my feet lie a little more forward on the pedals. Why did I pack so much food? At least it will get lighter by three meals every day. In other news, today I became an uncle to two healthy twin boys. Congratulations Christopher and Erin!

Day 90 (pic)

The empty north

Accommodation Free-camp (roadside parking area)
Distance ridden today 85.71km
Average cycling speed 14.4kph
Total distance ridden 2,500km