I just had a fantastic day. At first I was a bit worried about my knees and lower legs because they felt like they were on the verge of packing it in but the pain slowly eased and my body just seemed to settle right in. The weather was perfect. I had my ‘Yep, this is why I am doing this’ moment as I came out of Leeman and had an expansive view of the stunning coastline. I was intending to keep clear of sugar but I have decided it is a need and not a want. Today was fuelled by lollies, which I think will remain a very important part of my riding life. I made my goal with relative ease, ending the ride at a grassed free camping area at Cliffs Head, a secluded little spot right on the beach. I am sharing the place with several campervans. I am lying in bed under the stars, but, even though the sun has only just dipped below the horizon, everything is already getting dewy so I think I am in for a damp night.

Day 93 (pic)

Cliffs Head

Accommodation Free-camp (Cliffs Head)
Distance ridden today 96.30km
Average cycling speed 18.2kph
Total distance ridden 2,682km