I have now decided that whenever sleeping outside I will use my tent. Zero chance of precipitation was forecast overnight but it still rained. I faced a slow morning as I let the tent dry off in the sun before packing up. I spent the time filming surfers negotiate waves. On reaching Geraldton I checked into Foreshore Backpackers and set about doing laundry and planning my route. Over dinner I got to know Marg and Bruce who are cycling around Australia. They had lots of good advice and on hearing their stories I realised I have had it very easy so far, with relatively short distances between towns and weather cool enough to be able to carry fresh food. Things are about to change. I will by no means enter real remote Australia but I will be facing new challenges. For example, from here to Carnarvon will be about 470 km with no opportunity to stock up on fresh food along the way.

Day 95 (pic)

Home in Geraldton

Accommodation  $ Backpacker hostel (Foreshore Backpackers)
Distance ridden today 43.42km
Average cycling speed 19.5kph
Total distance ridden 2,798km