The busy road continues to be a source of mood-altering events. A driver passing too close can result in fifteen minutes of dedicated cursing followed by fifteen minutes of thinking about what I would say to them if I saw them again. In contrast, as I found yesterday, an exuberant wave from an oncoming car can make my day. Beeping horns continue to confuse me. How can I distinguish an angry horn blast from a supportive one? At least some horn blasts are followed by a fist pump out the window…or was that an angry fist-wave? Some people are even too courteous. This afternoon I was belting downhill at a rate of knots, my forearms flexing from keeping the bike in a steady line, when a white ute came up beside me. And I mean right beside me. I could have casually rested my hand on the passenger window sill. ‘Wanna cold drink mate?’ Yeah I do, I thought, but I’d more prefer you to give me some space for my wobbling bike to occupy, because we are going to collide if you stay where you are. ‘Nah, I’m alright thanks’, I said. He sped off and I felt safe again.

Day 97 (pic)

Hidden camp

Accommodation Free-camp (bush)
Distance ridden today 74.12km
Average cycling speed 21kph
Total distance ridden 2,986km