As I was pushed along by the light tailwind, I felt like the turtle in Finding Nemo, cruising down a current with a carefree attitude towards life. The only interruption to the bliss I was feeling was the silent exclamations of pain from my calf muscles. Each day a new muscle brings itself to my attention and today it was my calves. I scored some free drinking water from the motel adjacent to the Billabong Roadhouse (water around here has to be trucked in and is therefore not usually freely available to passers-by). I am now staying in a caravan park located on Hamelin Station, which was recently purchased by Bush Heritage Australia amidst plans to turn it into an education centre focused on conservation, with the stromatolites that are strung along the coast as a focal point.

Day 98 (pic)

Each night in a new paradise

Accommodation $ Camping (Hamelin Station Stay)
Distance ridden today 122.48km
Average cycling speed 23kph
Total distance ridden 3,108km