A headwind is an attack on the mind as much as the body. It has the power to tear you down, to demoralise, to break you. It feels like it is against you, a fierce opponent. It makes you hate it. I was hating it this morning. As I headed out to the highway I fought the wind for 30km. I hated it a little less when I began to think of it as an innocent part of nature. But I still hated it. I met up with Gary and Carina (cycle tourers who have done a trip every year for fourteen years) at Overlander before turning north once again. The change in direction meant that the wind was no longer against me. It was now a cross-wind that was ever so slightly more a tailwind than headwind. As I had spent the morning visiting the stromatolites, I didn’t have time to make it very far. I am in a parking area next to a friendly pair of grey nomads from Adelaide.

Day 100 (pic)

Slowly making progress

Accommodation Free-camp (roadside parking area)
Distance ridden today 69.59km
Average cycling speed 16.1kph
Total distance ridden 3,298km