I am a very organised person and have had enough time already to establish a routine in every aspect of cycle touring. It is a routine that has many little rules and habits. No kneeling on the sleeping mat. No metal utensils in the cooking pots. Two hands to open the tent to avoid undue stress on the zipper. The Asperger’s in me keeps to these rules religiously. Sharing cycle touring with someone means trying to convey these rules in a nice way and allowing for a certain amount of compromise/bending of rules, especially of those that are a bit illogical, but which I have anyway. Seeing things done differently is something that I have to consciously deal with. Can I relax and let it go, or does it mean so much to me that I need to say something, even if I sound like a bit of a dick saying it? Fortunately, Paula is very relaxed and isn’t afraid to speak her mind when confronted with some of my more unreasonable expectations. We are working well together!

Day 104 (pic)

Having a rest at a picnic table

Accommodation Free-camp (roadside parking area)
Distance ridden today 55.4km
Average cycling speed 13.6kph
Total distance ridden 3,562km