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Day 112 (Australia – Ningaloo Day 1)

How quickly things change! On entering Exmouth I went straight to the office of a boat tour company to secure a place on a day trip. My conversation with Emilie at the front desk naturally led to me talking about my trip and at one point complaining about the price of a patch of dirt in a caravan park. ‘I have a patch of dirt you can have’, she said, and so I pitched my tent in a vacant lot next to Emilie’s house. I was going to join Emilie for a night out at a house party but at the last minute she said a friend of hers had just arrived in town and she was going to see him for dinner. ‘Did I want to go too?’ I said yes because when you’re travelling saying yes can open the door to memorable experiences. The particular door that opened on this night led to a luxury million-dollar boat floating in the marina with a table of freshly barbequed seafood beautifully displayed for immediate consumption. I was welcomed on board by Andre and joined an eclectic group of people, all with inspiring stories to tell about why they were in Exmouth. Barro is a documentary filmmaker chasing tiger sharks. Bec is researching cetacean bioacoustics. Tony is a retired big-wave surfer still seeking perfect swell. That’s just a few of the bunch. The stars were out in all their glory, the music was pumping and pretty soon we all found ourselves in the spa passing around a bottle of tequila. Still dirty from riding for two days out of Coral Bay, I felt like I’d suddenly stepped into an alternate universe. Needless to say I didn’t quite make it back to my tent.

Day 112 (pic)

So excited to finally explore Ningaloo!

Accommodation Couch on a luxury boat!
Distance ridden today 74.60km
Average cycling speed 20.5kph
Total distance ridden 3,868km

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