Day 2 in Exmouth and things just keep on being awesome. After waking up on a luxury boat and getting back to Emilie’s to pack up my bike, I hit the road to head around the peninsula where the reef awaits my eager eyes. To get a camping spot in the ‘National Parks’, you normally have to arrive at the Ranger’s gate before 6am as it is first in, best dressed. As I rode out of town I was disappointed to see a sign stating all campsites were full. I was feeling lucky so I kept riding anyway. As I got to the Ranger’s gate and asked as nicely as I could whether there was space for a bicycle at one of the campsites, the Ranger informed me I was in luck. Someone had unexpectedly left Mesa Camp. Their site was mine. I rode the 8km to camp and settled in. At 5pm I joined the grey nomads for a beer (thanks Bruce) and wished I didn’t have to head back to town on Sunday for my Monday boat tour. Then a solution arose. Jude said she could give me a lift to the boat ramp up the road where I can jump on the boat without returning to town. This means I could leave my bike secure at camp and return to my campsite after the tour for some more snorkelling. I just have to stretch out my food and water a little further than originally planned. It is windy and rainy right now as I cook dinner, but I am dry and sheltered under the annex of Bruce and Cheryl’s caravan. I am being looked after everywhere I go. Cheryl gave me some coleslaw and has said dessert awaits once I have finished my dinner of rice and vegetables.

Day 113 (pic)

Ningaloo is a World Heritage Area

Accommodation $ Camping (Mesa Camp)
Distance ridden today 44.99km
Average cycling speed 19.9kph
Total distance ridden 3,912km