My tent withstood strong wind overnight. Daylight brought with it cloudy skies and some drizzle. I prepared my bike for a ride along the coast and set off late morning for Oyster Stacks. I waited patiently for high tide to arrive, eating lunch while enjoying the beautiful view over the narrow lagoon. If I searched hard enough I could find whales breaching in the distance. Then it was snorkel time. Holy shit! I was in knee-deep water when I put my head under and immediately felt like I was in a tropical aquarium. So many incredible fish and coral just metres off shore. It was absolutely mind-blowing. To top it off I saw a creature I have dreamed of seeing in the wild for a very long time: a sea turtle. I couldn’t take the smile off my face as I rode back to camp at dusk. It grew bigger when my neighbours Bruce and Cheryl invited me over for a hot lamb stew. I was able to contribute some fresh bread rolls I was given by a couple I chatted to at Oyster Stacks. I must look like I’m starving! Perfect end to a perfect day.

Day 114 (pic)

Accommodation $ Camping (Mesa Camp)
Distance ridden today 39.23km
Average cycling speed 20kph
Total distance ridden 3,952km