The wind was so horrendous in the night that I put in ear plugs to dull the noise. But it must have driven away the clouds because I opened my tent to blue sky and sunshine. Such a difference from the overcast and drizzly day I had yesterday. Today was a day for more filming and snorkelling. I visited a fossilised shark tooth belonging to an extinct species of Great White Shark that roamed the ocean until around 2-3 million years ago. I shot a scene for a conservation-themed video I have in the works. I visited Turquoise Bay and had lunch before getting in the water. The water was a bit cloudy as the current was stirring up sand. Then I revisited Oyster Stacks. On the way home I came across a Dugite (a type of snake) and filmed a short piece, again for my conservation video. I had spaghetti for dinner and received a freshly baked cupcake from Cheryl for dessert.

Day 115 (pic)

The aptly named Turquoise Bay

Accommodation $ Camping (Mesa Camp)
Distance ridden today 41.52km
Average cycling speed 19.8kph
Total distance ridden 3,993km