Yesterday on the boat I met Brad and Anna. Today they turned up at my campground. I took up their offer of joining them in their car for a day so I could continue to explore the coastline but have a day off from the bike. We drove south to Yardie Creek and went for a walk along the top of the gorge. I captured some nice footage of a rock wallaby grooming itself. We then drove to Turquoise Bay where I got some more filming down as part of my ‘Ningaloo’ short film. Back at camp I organised the four-day mess that had accumulated in my tent so I can get away early in the morning. Brad caught a large fish, a Queenie. I joined them for beer and dinner and by the end of the night had (despite the fact they are from Melbourne) discovered that we have mutual friends. A small world.

Day 117 (pic)

Yardie Creek

Accommodation $ Camping (Mesa Camp)
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 4,020km